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Digital Twin Unit combines the digital design expertise of global architectural practice Scott Brownrigg with Invicara's powerful Twinit.io platform to offer building and infrastructure clients across the globe a Digital Twin of their asset.

A Digital Twin is a responsive system connected between the physical and digital systems. We can help you understand why you need a Digital Twin, what you can do with it and our team of Application Development Engineers will use the Twinit.io platform to tailor and build the right digital twin for your purposes.

How it works

A Digital Twin is a virtual 3D model which integrates data from different sources.

It is made available real time and can be visualised and analysed through a human-centric interface to create simulations, make predictions and plan for the future. Enabling you to better facilitate your building asset at planning, design and operational stages.


The economic value of Digital Twins: True Digital Transformation – reaching better business outcomes.

The model will enable you to:

  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Allow for resource optimisation
  • Improve asset management
  • Deliver cost savings
  • Improve productivity and safety

Generating results

The results of investing in a Digital Twin are:

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Improved customer experience
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Optimisation of business processes
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Improve cost efficient operations and maintenance
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Managing ESG

What problems are you trying to solve?

There are a variety of challenges when managing buildings and the flow of employees or public.

  • Pinpoint critical weak spots, help mitigate risk and issues in advance.
  • Improve predictions of asset failure.
  • Gain a better understanding of people and user experience.
  • Improve air quality, health and wellness.
  • Improve future building design and control.
  • Improve operations and maintenance.
  • Ensure more accurate predictions.
  • Ensure more inclusive design.
  • Create sustainable solutions.
  • Plan response to incidents like Covid-19 and enable remote control of your asset.

How we can solve them

We can help you map out a strategic roadmap for the digital transformation of your asset prior to deploying a digital twin.

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Identify and prioritize opportunities

We’ll use our expertise in Digital Delivery to develop tangible quick wins on your roadmap to assist in the digital transformation of your business.

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Build integrated partnerships

Our experienced team bring advanced Digital expertise. We will partner with you to deliver and comply with Digital Employers Information Requirements to create a compelling value proposition.

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Plan, manage and deliver

Deliver projects successfully without a learning curve. We have worked extensively in the Digital Space. Having integrated digital systems into business worldwide, we are confident we can complete a project on time and with less risk.

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Measure and calibrate

Proven tools, approaches and frameworks. Our approach to conducting maturity assessments, gap assessments, developing operating models and producing digital roadmaps has been utilized extensively.

How we do it

We develop your Digital Twin through four Consultation Phases, working with you every step of the way.

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Phase 1

Workshop of Client and Asset requirements.

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Phase 2

Assessment of existing data.

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Phase 3

Creation of the Digital Twin.

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Phase 4

Management of the Digital Twin. Ongoing maintenance and hosting of data.

Digital Twins can help you plan for the future.

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